The International Pool Spa and Landscape Expo
From 14 to 16 of June 2021
At Egypt International Exhibition Center "EIEC"

Travel Services & Accommodation

Why you should Visit?

Cairo has a large number of good hotels with a full range budgets to choose from there are a large number of this hotels adjacent to Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC)- Egypt as well.
The organizers have negotiated for special rates for delegates and visitors.
Please contact the organizer for more information about these special rates.

There are many ways of transportation here in Cairo like:
White taxi is the most convenient way to get around the city.
Cairo Cab.(With yellow colour) Tel.: 19155 or 16516 Or 19730.
Taxi Stops also at hotels and major streets.
Limousine (Tel. LimousineMisr +202-26850625).
Shuttle Bus: Cairo shuttle Bus (Airport Shuttle) Tel. 19970 hotline (official

Sightseeing To Egypt:
If you intended to participate in Watrex - Middle East Expo, you will enjoy also with visiting the most important historical place in the world which contains most of civilization effect in one country... All of them are here in Egypt.
A huge country with millions of inhabitants living alongside the banks of the River Nile and close to breathtaking pyramids of Giza, Cairo is the capital and considered as a home to most of the world’s famous sights.
Cairo is rich with its cultural, historical and leisure facilities. In addition to pyramids, there are also ancient temples, tombs, gorgeous Christian churches, magnificent Muslim monuments, and of course, the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, all either within or nearby to the city.
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